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3 Things Kids Want From Their Parents
Episode 2230th June 2022 • Become A Calm Mama • Darlynn Childress
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What do your kids want from you?  

We put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves as parents sometimes, when the things our kids really need from us are actually pretty simple. 


Kids love to look at their parents and see DELIGHT in our eyes. 

They want to feel they are the most important thing ever. 

And I know you want to give that to them.  But it’s easier said than done, right?

Sometimes it’s hard to feel those warm, fuzzy feelings toward your child.

When you don’t like your kid’s behavior and you are feeling resentful, angry, unheard, alone, discouraged, or irritated, it can be really hard to feel empathy.

In this episode, we’re talking about how to clear up those feelings so that you can feel (and show) love, compassion and delight for your kids.




I once heard a coach say that disappointment is the opposite of delight. And I can see how that could be true. 

If I am thinking of all the ways that my children disappoint me - all the ways they don’t measure up to some sort of standard that either society has said or I’ve created in my mind – I will be cultivating disappointment in them. 

And that will be the energy that we exchange between us.


Why not choose to think great thoughts about your kids? What is the harm in delighting in them? None! It only makes things better. 

You get to decide how you think about your kids.

I call this "The Practice of Delight", and it is truly a practice. A discipline of thoughts. You’ll learn the whole process, step by step, in this episode.

Listen in to hear more about how to give your kids what they really want and create more joy, peace and connection in your home.  


You’ll Learn:

3 things your kids want to hear from you

How to create your own “Practice of Delight”

How to incorporate delight into key moments of your day

Simple questions to help you shift into a more joyful mindset



To raise children who are reflective, self-aware, compassionate and responsible, they need to learn emotional literacy skills.


And in order to teach emotional literacy skills to your child, you also have to develop them in yourself.  It requires you to be in a neutral, non-judgmental and compassionate mindset about their behavior.  Which can be hard!


This is what Calm Mama Club is all about.  You get all the resources and personal support you need to learn how to manage your own thoughts and emotions so you show up as the mom you want to be and so you can teach your child to do the same.