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Networking in the Digital Age featuring David J.P. Fisher
Episode 317th July 2022 • Brand Story • Steve Gilman
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David J.P. Fisher, Author of Networking in the 21st Century and President of RockStar Consulting, knows how to play the sales game. As a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach, he’s framed his methods around building connections that utilize the tools of the digital age. Armed with more knowledge than they know what to do with, buyers are now turning to those they trust to help them make an informed decision, which means networking is more influential than ever. In this episode, David talks about how the different opportunities of the digital age can help form relationships, the importance of networking ahead, and why the ‘pitch-slap’ is a thing of the past.

This is Brand Story, a podcast celebrating the stories of real people who are making an impact on brands, business, and the world around them. Episodes feature guests from a variety of backgrounds who bring their own unique perspectives to the conversation. Brand Story is created and produced by Gravity Group, a full-service brand and marketing agency, and is hosted by Gravity Group President, Steve Gilman.


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David’s Books on Networking

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Never Eat Alone

To Sell Is Human

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Episode Chapters:

(00:00) Introduction - David J.P. Fisher

(01:19) Updating "Networking in the 21st Century" for LinkedIn

(03:25) Networking Happens In Multiple Places

(05:37) Interacting on LinkedIn

(09:03) Sales, Networking, and Being Empathic

(14:20) The Best Salespeople Are Guides

(24:22) Personal Development Precedes Professional Development

(27:44) How To Sell Ethically

(29:51) Networking as a Part of Your Life - Fix Your Roof When the Sun is Shining

(34:42) "Old School" Networking Tips - Be Interested In Other People

(43:28) Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

(45:47) What Scared David J.P. Fisher, But He Did Anyway

(48:05) David's Highlights Of The Past Year - Survival Is The Win

(50:18) If You Hadn't Been In Sales What Would You Have Been?

(51:21) David's Must Reads

(53:59) David's Advice to His Younger Self