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Elevating Yourself... And Your Business with Misha Bartlett
Episode 4423rd June 2021 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Introduction to Episode

Misha Bartlett dives into strategies and outlooks to build success as a female business leader or sales professional.

Podcast Episode Summary

Misha Bartlett is an entrepreneur, certified coach, and founder of Misha Tamiko. She's spent 12 years in B2B tech and working with startups. Her focus is working with female-founded startup businesses and female sales professionals. Specifically, breaking down blockers and reaching sales goals.

We discuss a range of struggles in the world of business and sales including what success should look like, managing trigger points, perceiving value, harnessing your energy for positive outcomes, and keeping a sense of humanity in your outlook. We also touch on strategies for building a mindset for success in the face of uncertainty.

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