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Dice Try - Party People Media BONUS EPISODE, 3rd July 2020
Quarantine Special 5: All Cats are Bastards
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Quarantine Special 5: All Cats are Bastards

This week, Daniel Schaub introduces a new game for our players titled Whisker Squad. Tune in as Paul, Crista, and Earl outsmart a menacing cat this American Independence day and hilarity ensues.

Game Master - Daniel Schaub (IG&TW: @hemingwaylite)

Players - Earl T. Kim (IG: @fyrestorm, TW: @earlofsammich), Crista Llewellyn (IG&TW: lady_rogue_), Paul Alan Dixon (IG&TW: @paulalandixon)

Audio Engineer/Editor - Gabriel Toya-Melendez (IG: @gtoya.melendez, TW: @japorican1)

Additional Music - Glenn Davis (IG: @thecavedale, SOUNDCLOUD: Somnium.)

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