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PTP.015: Gina Johnson “Every Day is a Second Chance”
25th April 2018 • Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller • Dr Brad Miller
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What do you do in the bottom drops out of your life? Gina Johnson had that happen to her and talks to Dr. Brad Miller about what she did to get through a dark period of her life on Episode 015 of The Pathway to Promise Podcast.

Gina was cruising along in life with a good job a nice home and being an athlete she was training to run a marathon. That’s when the bottom dropped out of her life.

One day while on a training run for an upcoming marathon she was brought to her knees by a crushing migraine headache which sent her to the hospital.

It was quickly discovered that she (at age 34) had had a massive heart attack which completely debilitated her for months. This was quickly followed by a divorce from her husband which led to alienation from family and friends. To add insult to injury she lost her job as well.

Gina found herself a suddenly single mother of two small children her marathon running days devastated by a disease with no job and seemingly alone in the world.

What Gina did do overcome the terrible circumstances she found herself in and pull out of very dark time in her life drove the conversation that she had with Dr. Brad.

Gina chose to face her adversity proactively taking the approach that “every day is a second chance” In this episode Gina shares with Dr Brad the complete transformation that took her from a dark place where she could of given up to living out her promised life where she now coaches others in overcoming devastating health circumstances and publishes a successful podcast “Every Day Is a Second Chance” where she interviews people who have had near-death experiences.

Starting the podcast was one bold action that Gina took begin her life transformation. She goes into detail with Dr. Brad about the people and the actions vital to helping her overcome her circumstances. Gina shares with Dr. Brad that the most important action she took was going to church for a coworkers children’s Christmas play. It was there that she began the process of discovering that a life of Christian faith and accepting Jesus Christ as her savior was the key to helping her find her promised life.

The word community is vital for Gina in overcoming adversity to find her promised life. She built a new community of relationships to support her in her transformation and credits the faith community in developing her life of faith.

Gina now is building her own online community where she is called to encourage people going through dark times in their lives and is writing a book telling the story of people overcoming adversity and discovering for themselves that every day is a second chance.

This is a compelling story of a woman overcoming the adversity of a devastating heart attack to discover her promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller holds a doctoral degree in transformational leadership and has 35 years of pastoral experience. He believes that every person has a God-given promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose and that you need a proven path with the proper people to guide you there. The Pathway to Promise Podcast exists to guide people through adversity to find their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

Dr. Brad Miller
April 2018

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