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CABW 051: Clothing Children in Dignity
Episode 514th December 2020 • Connecting A Better World • Dr. Natalie Phillips and Loudspeaker Studios
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On this episode, we spend time with Kimberly Giles, Co-Founder of Little Willows, which she founded with her sister. Little Willows provides coordinated clothing boxes for young children in underserved families throughout Northern Colorado.

With the conviction that every child deserves to look and feel their best in every season, Little Willows exists to supply children and families in need with new or gently used clothing donated by generous community members. These boxes are not just practical gifts to meet practical needs. They are filled with hope - bestowing confidence and courage to those marked by scarcity or insecurity.

For more information about Little Willows, please visit:


Hosted by Dr. Natalie Phillips. Produced by Chris Lanphear for Loudspeaker.

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