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The Pursuit of Excellence with Ryan Hawk
Episode 56226th June 2024 • Scaling Up Business with Bill Gallagher • Bill Gallagher
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As entrepreneurs and CEOs, how can we continuously develop our leadership skills?

This episode features Ryan Hawk, an author, advisor, keynote speaker who is on a mission to make people like you become smarter leaders. He’s also the host of the Learning Leader Show, a podcast about helping leaders become more effective.

Key topics that Bill and Ryan explore in this episode:

- Ryan’s personal story of growing up in Ohio and learning leadership skills through sports.

- Surrounding yourself with people from diverse backgrounds to gain perspective and become a better person.

- Listening to others and gaining a more profound understanding of their perspectives.

- Struggling with celebrating accomplishments.

- The impermanence of past accomplishments.

- Intentionally practicing gratitude to shift your mindset.

- Starting and ending meetings with positive news to create a more optimistic atmosphere.

- Ryan’s experience in corporate America and pursuing an MBA.

- The audacious goal of impacting millions of business leaders before retiring.

- The importance of self-care and fueling yourself to be effective in leading others.

- Continuous learning.

- Seeking permission before leading or teaching others.

- The importance of permission in building fruitful relationships.

Thanks to Ryan Hawk for being on the show!

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Chapters in this episode:

(0:04) Leadership development.

(7:19) Personal growth

(12:57) Celebrating milestones.

(17:43) Gratitude and positivity.

(27:06) Scaling businesses through masterminds and workshops.

(31:35) Learning through self-reflection and experimentation.

(36:29) Teaching and writing.

(39:50) Seeking permission before leading or teaching.

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