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The Wacky World of Diabetes - David Kliff EPISODE 8, 19th May 2021
Earning Respect for Diabetes in the Sporting World with Phil Southerland
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Earning Respect for Diabetes in the Sporting World with Phil Southerland

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at seven months old, doctors told him he would likely be blind or dead before the age of 25. Phil Southerland is still here - healthy, thriving and committed to improving the lives of people affected by diabetes around the world. Phil is a global ambassador for diabetes and is committed to educating and empowering the 1.2 billion people across the globe associated with the condition. He serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk, and the CEO of Supersapiens. He built the world’s first all-diabetes pro cycling team that aims to inspire, educate and empower everyone affected by diabetes.

This will be a treat for sure. Tune in and learn from Phil how he earned respect for diabetes in the sporting world and how hard work and digital technology led the way.

[00:01 - 08:27] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Phil Southerland
  • Some background on Phil’s story
  • Diagnosed at seven months old 
  • A link between glucose and winning
  • Starting into cycling 
  • College life - getting a business plan 
  • The first business and first investor 
  • Getting into the bike industry 
  • First cross-country biker with diabetes

[08:28 - 17:28]  Earning Respect for Diabetes in the sporting World

  • Phil talks about his team and the reaction from non-diabetics
  • Earning for the respect of the peloton 
  • Getting to an all-diabetes team 
  • The approval process of various digital tools 
  • Getting business outside of diabetes
  • Even non-diabetics invested in the sensors 
  • Respect for the work of CGM and other companies

[17:29 - 29:07] Impacting the Sportsworld Even Outside of Diabetes

  • Phil talks about the future of CGM 
  • It affects everyone, even non-diabetics
  • What we’ve begun to learn from the data set 
  • Sometimes a functional pancreas isn’t enough 
  • The people included in Supersapiens 
  • All the different athletes involved 
  • The education strategy 
  • How diet and exercise affects an athlete’s glucose 
  • Examples 

[29:08 - 39:36] Closing Segment

  • Phil talks about reaching all groups 
  • People who aren’t motivated 
  • Giving people the lightswitch 
  • Phil shares about his charity work 
  • Work in Rwanda 
  • Work in Macedonia 
  • Partnerships that led to impact
  • What’s next for Phil 
  • Impact diabetes and the sporting world 
  • Putting CGM technology on athletes 
  • Pathing the way for the developing world
  • Thank you and please share this 
  • Final Words 

Tweetable Quotes:

“Within a week of competing in sport I figured out two things - if I had good control of my glucose I could win, and if I did not have good control of my glucose I would fail.” - Phil Southerland

“I want in the next 10 years, that we can make CGM so broadly accessible, so broadly accepted, adapted, and just such a core part of life, that we’ve brought CGM technology to people in the developing world…” - Phil Southerland

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Phill on LinkedIn and Twitter. Go to https://www.teamnovonordisk.com/ to learn more about the team that’s changing diabetes. 

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