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Bonus Episode23rd July 2020 • Man Up to Cancer • Man Up to Cancer
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The next episode in the podcast was supposed to be coming out next Tuesday, but there’s something going on this week that I just have to talk about and put out to you guys.

There is a friend of mine who is shouldering a lot, and I want to honor him. 

In this 15-minute episode, you will get to know one of my heroes, Jared McMillan. Jared is a husband, dad, recently retired Air Force officer, and a stage 4 colon cancer badass. You will get to know him through his own writing, and through the words of others who know him best.

On top of the brutal regimen he is on to treat his cancer, and the relentless side effects, Jared was diagnosed this week with COVID-19.

By the end of the episode, you will hopefully understand why he closes every social media post with the same two hashtags.



If this resonates with you (especially if you are a man impacted by cancer looking to connect with others who are in the same boat) I invite you to learn more about our community at