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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place - tridocpodcast EPISODE 69, 2nd July 2021
Ep. 69: Swimming injuries/Ironman Hacks' Andrew Patterson

Ep. 69: Swimming injuries/Ironman Hacks' Andrew Patterson

In this episode:

Injuries are a constant threat for endurance athletes including triathletes but many don't consider swimming as high risk as biking or running because of the no-impact nature of the activity.In reality, shoulder injuries are very common among swimmers including triathletes. I review the evidence on just who is likely to be affected, what kinds of activity in the water is highest risk and what might be done to decrease the likelihood of getting injured.Plus, a conversation with Andrew Patterson the author of the popular Ironman Hacks newsletter, blog and race planning app.


[06:25]- Swimming injuries

[26:15]- Andrew Patterson


Tim Crowley


The Powerful Triathlete e-book: link

Andrew Patterson

Ironman Hacks

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