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High Risk PEs | And How to Treat Them
Episode 610th February 2024 • JournalFeed • Nick Zelt
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The JournalFeed podcast for the week of Feb 5-9th, 2024.

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Tuesday Spoon Feed:

A prospective study by the PERT Consortium found an in-hospital mortality rate of 20% in patients with high-risk PE. 41.9% of patients with high-risk PE were treated with advanced therapies (systemic thrombolytics, catheter-directed thrombolysis or embolectomy, surgical embolectomy, ECMO).

Wednesday Spoon Feed:

Mortality in patients with high-risk pulmonary embolism (PE) in the United States increased over the last decade. Surprised? Here’s why this might be true, and what we should do about it.



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