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Holly Jolly Lonely
Episode 226th May 2022 • JOLLYLAND • The Vocalizers
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In episode 2 of Jollyland, we explore topics, such as —loneliness, courage, and self-improvement.

All the while, Han’s masterplan is in full-effect and Krampus is hanging onto his every word as they travel to The Devil’s Den.

The Bakers learn more about Jollyland and have to cancel picking up Melody and Sebastian from school because La Befana warns that there are 2 monsters taking away bad kids — not only one.

It’s the end of the school day and Gracie asks Melody to finally show her that magic trick she was bragging about all day. Will Melody’s magic wand do the trick?

Stacie Blair and Darlene call Cindy and tells her that she left one of her “scratch-off’s” in Stacie’s purse. Also, Stacie begin’s to wonder about Veronica’s whereabouts.

Mr. Rogers is back and Principal Carter warns him not to drop the kids over anywhere The Pine.

We introduce new characters, re-introduce old ones, and infuse our best soundtrack score yet.

Listen to find out more. Listener discretion is advised.

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Written by Marc Shawn Serrano, Marie Harris Katz and The Vocalizers.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Marc Shawn Serrano and Marie Harris Katz.

Listen and read with the script here: Holly Jolly Lonely.

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The Cast

Krampus - Michael Ray Hatfield

Hans - Christopher Teegardin

Gracie Swan - Kathryn Foxx

Marky Serrano - Christopher Pannowitz

Henry Baker - Marc Shawn Serrano

Emily Baker - Marie Harris Katz

La Befana - Ann Craft

Principal Carter - Lucia Ramos

Mr Rogers - Brandon Timbuktu Williams

Amanda Sinclair - Lilly Ann Rose

Sophia Sinclair - Coleen AP

Melody Baker - Danielle Graham

Sebastian Baker - Isaiah Katz

Coach Bear - Ian Katz

Stacie Blair - Courtney Daisey

Darlene Parker - Emylee Katz

Katy Barrymore - Chels Waddell

Benjamin Sutton - Ronit Roy

Title Music - Holly Jolly Lonely by 5 Alarm

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This is a fictional story, inspired by the legend of Krampus and Hans Trapp.



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