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Hustle & Thrive - WorkInCulture EPISODE 4, 28th January 2020
The Art of DIY
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The Art of DIY

In this episode, M. Falconer takes us through her start as a self-taught visual artist making Deadmau5 helmets to having her work appear on the CBC, in Flare and showcased at Nuit Blanche.

We talk about drawing inspiration from her community and the importance of local arts organizations like the Nia Centre for the Arts , why it’s important to create your own opportunities, and why she thinks a business & entrepreneurial mindset is critical to succeeding as an artist.

In addition to the Nia Centre for the Arts, M. Falconer has been involved in other communities, including R.I.S.E. - Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere and Artscape Launchpad.

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