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Top Challenges that Cost SaaS Startups $100k+ Each Year & How to Avoid Them with Marketing Innovation with Oren Greenberg | Podcast #28
Episode 2831st July 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Oren Greenberg is the founder of Kurve - a modular growth marketing consultancy with experience of helping FTSE 250s and funded startups to navigate the perilous waters of growth and marketing, his impressive track record of results include; managing over £10M marketing budgets, juggling paid search campaigns with over 13.7 million key phrases, organic traffic growth from 2.3M a month to 3.1M a month for a single client, scaling paid search delivery by 139% to 12,600 B2B clients.

Oren’s highly regarded digital strategy and commercial expertise have been instrumental in the growth of client brands including Investec Bank, Peakon, Wonga, Wink Bingo, Nutmeg, Funding Circle and he has been featured in The Telegraph, Social Media Examiner, forbes, virgin entrepreneur, the guardian, and the HubSpot blog, and nonetheless he’s also  an instructor on Skillshare and Jolt.

During this interview we cover:

  • How to communicate effectively and convince the board to invest in your marketing strategy
  • Best Framework and Channels for SaaS Businesses & Best Content Creation-Promotion Ratio
  • Hiring the On-Demand Marketing Department
  • What to  Value about Seniority VS Young Talent 
  • How to Decide which Channels to Focus Budget for your B2B SaaS Company
  • How to Go From 0 to 500 leads a day
  • The Right Touch Point Strategy to increase your ROI
  •  Why Use Personalized Videos in your B2B outreach Efforts
  •  The Importance of Choosing the Right Tech Stack

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