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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 46, 2nd July 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Jen Bunting, LinkedIn
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Product Marketing Insider | Jen Bunting, LinkedIn

This week on Insider we’re joined by Head of Product Marketing at LinkedIn, Jennifer Bunting. Jennifer shares her unique journey into the role, what life is like as a PMM working for one of the biggest known platforms in the world, the challenges of global collaboration, messaging and launch tips and tricks, hopes for the future, and heaps more.


"I think product marketers have an opportunity to take a page out of the brand marketers book, it's really hard to sometimes get as wide a net as you want in terms of your focus groups and building your product from the ground up.

"But if you have an employee resource group at your organization, you could have a way to start thinking about diversity, inclusion, and belonging early on in the process rather than waiting and then finding out you've kind of missed a beat somewhere.

I'm kind of optimistic that maybe product marketers will start doing more of that in the future."