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You Rising! - Lori Anne Rising EPISODE 39, 26th May 2021
Hit By A Train
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Hit By A Train

At 14, Theresa’s team was on their way home from a meet when their school bus was hit by a train. Thankfully, no one died, but her injuries put Theresa on a path in life she never expected and became the basis for how she approached the most difficult and inspiring choices of her life. From auditioning for a college level dance program with zero experience, to becoming a professional dancer, to opening her own business (again, with zero experience), she shares with us her challenges and successes, as well as the mindset that has lead her to success.

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Guest Bio:

Theresa Pride opened Pride Physic in 2017, a Pilates and Wellness studio that is now online. She sees dance as medicine and is known for her inclusive stance. Theresa began her career studying dance at Texas Woman’s University, despite having no prior formal training. While there, she performed with Muscle Memory Dance Theatre and became a certified Pilates teacher. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California in 2008, and developed her unique approach while working as a physical therapist and Pilates instructor at the Performing Arts Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio of LA. Today, Theresa is a mom of 3 who is passionate about energy healing and fitness, and believes in working with the whole person, teaching her clients and community that balance is the key in both movement and life. Learn more at https://PridePhysique.com or https://www.MyHealCode.com/.