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32. The 5 Facial Tools I Am Obsessed By
Episode 3212th July 2020 • The Face Yoga Expert Podcast • Danielle Collins
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So I like facial tools...ok so that's a lie....I LOVE facial tools. My first love is always Face Yoga though as I deeply believe there is nothing better than the healing power of using our own hands to exercise, massage and relax our skin. However, facial tools are like the exercise equipment to a workout routine. We can get the best workout for our body just using our body but adding in some equipment helps to add variation, differentiation and support. It can also just stop you getting bored! Facial tools are the same. You don't need them but it's nice to use them. I use facial tools daily, usually straight after Face Yoga and also at points in the day, depending on what I need in that moment. So in this weeks solo episode I talk you through my favourite 5 (and I must admit was hard to pick!) and give you information on how to use them.

Jade Gua Sha

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