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228: How A Lack Of Body Literacy Is Harming Women with Danielle Kepics
Episode 2288th November 2021 • The Period Party • Nicole Jardim
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“You are the CEO of your health.” - Danielle Kepics

Danielle Kepics is a family practice physician assistant and previously trained master's level mental health therapist. Danielle has a strong passion for integrating the health of mind, body, and soul into her medical practice. Over the years through both personal and professional experiences, she has noticed major gaps in how the conventional healthcare system addresses menstrual health and women's health at large. She is passionate about integrating teachings of the fifth vital sign into conventional allopathic medicine and giving her patients the tools to truly be the CEO of their own health. 

In this episode, we talk about the lack of education most of us have access to about our bodies, the systemic issues in conventional medicine when it comes to the birth control pill, how you can advocate for yourself with healthcare providers, and so much more!

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