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Prayer 2021 - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 27, 27th January 2021
Prayer 2021 - January 27 - Your Faith Can Get You In Trouble
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Prayer 2021 - January 27 - Your Faith Can Get You In Trouble

Scripture of the Day:   

John 17:1

“After this, Jesus said this, He looked towards Heaven and prayed, “Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may Glorify you.”

 Your Faith Can Get You In Trouble

How many times have you had an opportunity to witness to someone, but didn’t?  Come on – don’t lie!  We all have faced that situation at one point or another…

Why didn’t  we go ahead and take a stand for God at that moment in time?  Usually, because we feared the repercussions. Right?

It could have been someone whom we did not want to offend. It could be someone that we know would not react pleasantly. It could have been in the office and we did not want to cause a scene. It could have been in the office and the office has a policy that you will not talk about religion, etc. in office. It could be for a variety of reasons, right?

And every single one of them amount to NOTHING as compared to how great the Gospel of Salvation is in Jesus Name. But yet….

We failed to do so…  WHY?

It’s because we feared the reprisals of man. It is because we were fearful – full of fear – as to how our message would be received. It was because we FEARED MAN rather than FEARING GOD.

But, let me let you in on a little secret… 

In the grand scheme of things – you may have been given that job and that position and are in that office RIGHT NOW – just to be the witness to the ONE PERSON!  God had foreordained every aspect of your life before the foundation of the world. He knew exactly where you would be before you were even a twinkling in your father’s eyes. Amen! 

He also knew, that there was a person that would spiritually be ready to receive a Word from God at that particular moment in time, in that office. And He manipulated your life and the events in your life so your path would cross with that other person at that exact moment in time.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Let’s look at the BIG Picture here…

What would have happened IF you witnessed to that person? What would have happened IF you took that stand for the Bible and Biblical values and refused to sign that new work policy of supporting gay rights or whatever they were trying to push down your throat? WHAT IF you did what GOD TELLS YOU TO DO – even in the face of the coming backlash?

“Well, brother Bob, I’d have lost my job!”

OK…what else? Hmmm?

Do you believe that GOD would reward you openly for supporting HIM openly? Isn’t that what Jesus said would happen? IF you would have done what God wanted, in that little thing…and IF you would have lost your job…let’s just look at what COULD HAVE HAPPENED…

God would see He could trust you because you trusted in HIM. Amen! You did HIS WILL – KNOWING the ramifications that could happen.

Do you think He is going to leave you homeless? NO! Of course not!  In fact, He will make SURE you get another job – quickly! And probably with a pay raise to boot! Amen!  It may not happen the same day or the next day…because He is going to make sure you get into a position that is going to be a blessing to you – and to the Kingdom of Heaven.

So, YES, your Faith can get you into trouble. It got Jesus into a whole lot of trouble. It cost Him His LIFE!  But it was a price He was willing to pay. 

So, if you let Jesus down before, and I have as well, don’t let it get you down! Learn from it. Then, next time you are prompted to compromise your Faith, PRAY!  Ask Jesus if THIS TIME is the time you should just TAKE A STAND regardless of the circumstances…

Remember, we’ve been talking about being in a constant state of prayer, right? If you have been doing that, you will KNOW the answer. Once you have heard from the Holy Spirit – just DO as you were prompted to do. Don’t fear the results in the natural… because Jesus has your future already planned out. Amen!

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