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The 22 Lessons Mike Learned While Passing the CPA Exams
Episode 9925th October 2022 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In this follow-up interview, Mike shares the lessons he learned while passing his remaining three CPA exams. Mike was on the podcast in episode 96, even though that interview took place two years ago when he had just passed FAR. Mike shares a ton of great CPA exam study tips that will help you pass the CPA exams fast, so don't miss this interview.


Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00 Mike Paone 2nd Interview
  • 02:36 Mike Talks About Updates Since the First Interview
  • 03:43 Mike on Passing Audit And REG in Three Weeks
  • 05:32 What Mike Used to Pass His Last Exams
  • 06:33 Passing All Four Exams on the First Try
  • 07:52 What Mike's Daily Study Process Looked Like
  • 09:25 Figure Out What's Working and Stick to the Plan
  • 10:07 How Mike Would Study Throughout the Day
  • 11:24 Mike Talks About Work And Referring a Colleague to SuperfastCPA
  • 12:10 Mike Recommends Starting the CPA as Early as Possible
  • 13:39 Mike's Review Process Right Before Exam Day
  • 15:33 Tips for Handling Your Emotions During Test Day
  • 17:18 How Mike Still Had Time to Play Video Games Each Day
  • 19:00 The Importance of Mental Breaks When Studying Long Hours Everyday
  • 20:56 How Mike Planned CPA Study Around Big Life Events
  • 22:11 A Common Tip That Mike Would Give to His Colleagues
  • 23:58 What Worked For Mike When Studying
  • 26:24 How to Tell if Your Study Process Is Working
  • 28:10 How Mike Used Excel to Take Notes on Difficult Topics
  • 30:32 Writing Down Topics and Explanations In Flashcards
  • 32:02 How Studying Became Easier Once Mike Figured Out the Study Process
  • 33:24 How Mike Became a Senior in Two Years
  • 35:24 Mike's Excel Note-Taking Process in Detail

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