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Season 1.5: Episode 6 - Things are Bruin
Episode 2616th September 2022 • The Solo Gaming EXP • Art (the Solo Gamer)
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Welcome to The Solo Gaming EXP , a weekly actual play podcast that involves me, playing through a role playing game solo. The hope is that it will inspire you to pick up your favorite TTRPG and just have fun doing a solo run!

My name is Art (the Solo Gamer) and I'm just a geek that likes to play games!

And in this mini-sode, the Ralph and Norton come face to face with security guard and all around gatekeeper, Hubert Grosse. Who will win? Who will lose? Who runs away screaming to his momma? Find out in this episode.

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Still working on it but occasionally, you can find me on

Twitter: @ARTthesologamer

Facebook: www.facebook/artphillips

Until next Thursday, be safe, stay safe and happy gaming!


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