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07. How to Best Approach Marketing with Non-Marketers on the C-Suite w. Aaron Aigus
Episode 71st June 2022 • Smarter Marketer • James Lawrence
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After straddling marketing and c-suite for over 20 years, Aaron Aigus discusses how best performing marketers manage internal stakeholders, when data and numbers work to your benefit, and how to improve your company's brand. 


Aaron is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Louder Online, a digital marketing consultancy that specialises in Intelligent & Effective Search, Content & Social Marketing. His initial experience within the digital and IT space allowed him to gain a deep understanding of both the technical and tactical aspects of executing a successful campaign. This prompted him to start his own consultancy in 2008, with a revenue of forty cents on his first project, to four hundred dollars the very next day. Aaron's expertise and efforts were recognised and featured by The Huffington Post, Forbes, HubSpot, Inc., Content Marketing Institute, Entrepreneur and the Sydney Morning Herald. Follow him on LinkedIn [] or visit his website [].

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