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33. 3 Powerful Tips to Teacher Burnout Free in 2023
Episode 333rd January 2023 • The Resilient Teacher Podcast • Brittany Blackwell, Teacher Burnout Tips
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Are you worried that teaching is becoming the road to burnout no matter what you do? With this being a brand new year, teachers often want to make big changes to their lives to avoid this and hey, that's exactly what I am here for! To help you prevent and recover from teacher burnout and make teaching a sustainable career for you.

Does this sound like you? Worried about what to do the first week back to school? Feeling already like anxiety is creeping in because break is over and it's time to return to the real world (aka your classroom)?

Let's make 2023 Teacher Burnout Free! To do that, we have to recognize our capability for burnout recovery and address the underlying causes of feeling overwhelmed. It isn't enough to rely on winter break or summer vacation as a magic cure-all; true change requires proactive work.

From nervous system regulation to transition rituals, you'll leave this episode with actionable steps you can take to create a Burnout Free 2023 so you can stop overworking, live your life, and get back to liking your job again.


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