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Episode 12017th June 2022 • Life = Choices; Choices = Life • Kim Olver
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In this episode, I interview Dr. Cheryl Woodson who is a doctor that sees many older women with some form of dementia and their caregivers. She knows medically, as well as personally, the enormity of this job. Her own mother suffered with dementia and Dr. Cheryl was her primary caregiver. She goes against conventional wisdom by saying there is no role reversal. That person is still your parent, even if they don't remember you. You need to afford them the respect they deserve when you are caring for them. However, there are safety issues you may need to be firm in addressing. Dr. Cheryl has tips about that and she emphasizes self-care throughout. You won't do your parent any good if you have nothing inside left to give. If you anticipate this situation, are already in it or have triumphed through it, this podcast has something for you. Click here : cheryl woodson in books to find her non-fiction books and for her novel, What the Mirror Sees, click here:  What The Mirror Sees: Robens, Teria: 9781514778944: Books ( Her website is and join Dr. Cheryl Woodson Community on Facebook.