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Managing Events After a Global Pandemic with Special Guest Karen Lewison
Episode 924th May 2021 • Market Like a Badass with Kristin McFarland • The Source Marketing Group
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Host Kristin McFarland is a proponent for events, be it live, virtual or hybrid. She has immense industry experience which makes it easy for her to find subject matter experts in event planning. In this episode, Kristin and Karen Lewison, Event Manager at Scaled Agile, sat down to discuss the future of events after facing the impacts of COVID-19. Tune in to learn from Karen’s 25+ years of event experience and hear how her company has pivoted its event strategy to better support and engage their global audience.


  • [02:59] Karen’s work with Boulder-based company called Scaled Agile
  • [04:17] Breakdown of Agile Methodology and how it helps organizations connect business strategy and execution
  • [05:44] The Big Picture - Agile Framework developed by Scaled Agile
  • [07:35] How Agile works in events
  • [08:35] What are Scaled Agile’s event goals now that live events are coming back?
  • [09:20] How to make events more engaging online and build solid community through virtual events
  • [11:40] How different event types can create more engagement (Peer Connect Example)
  • [13:52] How to manage virtual, hybrid and live events efficiently
  • [17:00] Building different events with parallel experiences
  • [17:55] Mobile app adoption - Karen recommends specific audience size and tactics for connecting with audiences on mobile apps and devices
  • [20:30] How Karen engages a virtual or hybrid audience
  • [24:28] Pre record some content to make your online events valuable to the audience and easier to manage for the event coordinator
  • [26:22] What needs to be pre recorded versus done live at a virtual event?
  • [29:17] On demand content is becoming more available and people hosting virtual events should be hosting that recorded content on demand on their website
  • [32:47] What results should marketers be tracking at events? Session surveys, email metrics and beyond.
  • [37:19] How to measure the tangibles and intangibles at an event, from branded promo items, content and accessibility to other secrets to create a badass brand experience
  • [44:33] Upcoming Scaled Agile events
  • [49:38] Why it’s important for YOU to go agile in your business
  • [53:05] Resources you can use to go agile (also see platforms mentioned in show notes below)
  • [55:51] Learn more at or
  • [57:55] Lightning Round
  • [1:00:44] Closing, follow us for more insights or contact us here at The Source Marketing Group.








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