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Episode 34: Against the Odds: Tom's Story
Episode 3424th May 2021 • INSIDE AGRI-TURF • Chris Biddle
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Recorded during Mental Health Awareness week, I talk to Tom Johnston who experienced depression and a series of mental health issues as he took his first steps into agricultural engineering, a career that he had always dreamed off.

For a 'tractor-mad' boy, he never wanted to do anything else, but several twists and turns resulted in set-backs, until he decided to return to college after a couple of experiences with dealers were blighted by his mental state.

A chance opportunity, resulted in a job on a golf course. He immediately connected with the turfcare industry and has recently started his own repair business.

He says that mental doubts and uncertainties still lie under the surface, but urges those with similar symptoms not to hide them, but to speak out. Tell everyone that's "Its OK not to be OK" he says

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