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How Does Affirm Get Us to Buy Now Pay Later?
Episode 1319th April 2022 • The Science of Change • SetSail X StudioPod Media
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In the last few years, buy now pay later has become the hottest development in the digital payment space. The flexibility of this type of models can bring many benefits for companies that know how to implement them, but the irrational decisions that can arise should also be part of a company's responsibility. In this episode, our host Kristen Berman talks with Nupur Kantamneni, responsible for Consumer Product, one of three product pillars at Affirm. We delve into the behavioral strategies that provide such a flexible business model for Affirm, as well as mental models and the positive emotions that come with free stuff. Join us and discover how loans inside Affirm are radically different from other credit companies!

Jump straight into:

(01:09) - Exploring how Affirm is helping users to understand the way that carts, payment methods and terms work.

(07:46) - The compromise effect: The truth about comparison, decisions to save money and picking the middle options.

(11:32) - Establishing mental models: The science behind the successful onboarding experiences within Affirm’s savings accounts.

(15:58) - Positive emotions that come with free stuff: Why the appeal of zero interest with full transparency and no hidden cost is simply irresistible.

(18:48) - Affirm two ways to make revenue: Does the ‘buy now pay later’ model encourage people to spend more?

(24:13) - The challenge to set up our own payments and the alignment of incentives that lets Affirm stand out.

(29:33) The opportunity to move my payment date: What are Affirm's flexibility offers that other lenders do not provide?

(35:06) Virtual debit cards and the types of consumer products that Affirm is trying to offer to users and why some work and others don’t.

(39:24) - Choosing priorities and Affirm’s responsibility to improve the life of its users.

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Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

Nupur Kantamneni Linkedin

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