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Cannabis Humidors Are Becoming Popular as Market Matures (feat. Cannador) | Cultivate Ep. 07
Episode 811th June 2018 • Cultivate • Boveda Inc.
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The modern cannabis consumer is finally ready to put their cannabis on display. Why not keep it as fresh as possible, too?

This month on Cultivate, our hosts Scott and Drew converse with Zane Witzel, the founder and CEO of Cannador. He invented one of the first flower-friendly storage cases, inspired by the traditional cigar humidor. Inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Zane took a trip around the world to showcase the diversity of cannabis consumers. Our passions for cannabis and cigar cultures truly collide on this episode!

How the cannabis industry is quickly going the way of wine and cigar industries (2:15)

How Cannador is overcoming initial barriers & old assumptions about flower storage (2:50)

How Zane was inspired by Anthony Bourdain to start a mini-documentary series (6:15)

Cannabis tours in recreational states should be a thing (7:30)

What research about oxygen and terpenes taught Zane about cannabis (8:10)

Where is cannabis going in the near future from a political standpoint? (11:00)

How Zane believes Cannador fits into the future of cannabis consumption (13:00)

The most important thing Zane learned on his Growing Wild cannabis journey (14:45)

#AskBoveda (21:30)

Question: "Which Boveda product will keep 1oz of flower STICKY?" Answer: 62% Boveda will keep bud the most sticky!


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