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The best data for emergency services CAD systems
Episode 615th July 2022 • Location Matters • NGIS Australia
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HERE Technologies has just been recognised as the top ranked location platform by industry analysts at Strategy Analytics. The annual report benchmarks the world’s largest location companies and ranks HERE, Google, Mapbox and TomTom across seven categories. We were lucky to speak with two experts in the location technology industry recently, and our discussion dives into why HERE Technologies outperforms other companies when it comes to data and maps for the emergency services industry. 

This episode of Location Matters features guest Jeeten Chauhan, General Manager from Next Mile Location Technology and Nick Preston, ex-HERE Technologies Product Portfolio Manager. With podcast host Claire Wilson, they discuss the unique challenges that emergency services face in data ingestion, storage and updates. HERE Data is imperative for emergency services organisations to have the most up to date data feeding into their CAD system and due to their commitment to quality data and regular updates—HERE Data is the best available on the market to fulfil this requirement. 

With up to date data, customisability features and real-time traffic visualisation, the HERE Geocoding, Routing and Map Data products are the best available on the market for emergency services organisations. Listen in to this episode to find out why. 

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