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S4 Ep6: Carrie Miller on Being Powered by Tenacity
Episode 68th December 2023 • Surface Time with Stephanie • Stephanie Luo
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Carrie Miller, Storyteller, Author, Traveller. You may recognise her name from the previous episode with her and her husband, Chris Taylor, sharing their stories behind the book, A Diver’s Guide to the World. By the way, I was particularly delighted to find  my birth country, Taiwan with Kenting National Park as one of the 50 destinations in the book.

Anyhoo, so Carrie is back and be part of the Women Who Scuba series. This time we chatted more on her journey of becoming a writer for National Geographic, her experiences of solo travelling and how those life experiences have shaped her as a person and as a woman.

She certainly is the living expression of “tenacity”. Being is a gifted storyteller, she generously shared her stories and stories of people, places and culture that she encountered.

In essence, stories are expressions of different life experiences. So through her words, we get to experience these vicariously. Also we may resonate with the stories and even identify the similarities and differences when comparing to our own. In that process, this is when inspiration, imagination and new perspective happen. And often we would refine our life narrative as a result.

So, think of a time when something happened – whether it’s reading a quote from a book, a movie or an incident, anything – but this something may be small and yet so significant that it changed your perception about life. What is your story there? What details would you like to share with your audience? And why is that?

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