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The Sinking of the Orianda
Episode 2310th June 2024 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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The Sinking of the Orianda

Season: 5 Episode: 23

On 17th February 1907, a dramatic shipping disaster occurred in the Bristol Channel which resulted in the loss of 14 lives. The iron steamer, Orianda was outward bound when it was struck by the London steamer, Heliopolis, going to Cardiff. Could this tragic event have been averted?

Here is a full list of the fourteen men who drowned, with their details:

  1. John Williams - Borth, Aberystwith. Captain
  2. F Jones - NewQuay. Mate
  3. R Hunter - 198, Severn Road, Cardiff. Second Mate,
  4. J. Nightingale (Barbados) - Steward
  5. J. Valender - Cheltenham. Mess Steward
  6. J. Tullis - 101, Penarth Road, Cardiff. Birmingam Fireman
  7. A. Jones - Bristol Fireman
  8. T. Davidson - Montrose. 1, Freeman street, Cardiff. Donkeyman.
  9. Tom Morris - (Chepstow) 46, Milton Street, Cardiff. Ordinary Seaman
  10. J.D Jesus - (Puerto Rico) 217, Bute Street. Able Seaman.
  11. H Garcia - (Ferrol, Spain). 182, Bute Street, Cardiff. Boatswain
  12. G. Frackelos - (Constantinople) 49, Bute Street, Cardiff. Ordinary Seaman
  13. John Hensen - (Christiania) Second Engineer
  14. Unknown


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