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REVOXYLIFE - Episode 6
Episode 626th January 2021 • REVOXYLIFE: Revelations From the Oxymorons of Life • Sophia Edwards-Bennett
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In this episode entitled: ‘Mutation of the Mind’, Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett, aka Dr. EB, explores the response to the question ‘What would you do if this was your last day on earth?’.

Her preface: 

Upon defining the word ‘mutation’,  she describes the transformation of the perspective of her patients about the precious gift  of life itself. She juxtaposes the mutation of cells causing cancer,  to a path which escorts her patients through an enlightened transformation, which she refers to as a ‘mutation of the mind’.

She then ends with an urgent call to action, an increase in our momentum toward finding and expressing our true calling, our purpose, on this earth.


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