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Welcome to the Gun Show - Defensa Pty Ltd EPISODE 71, 30th August 2021
Around the Campfire
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Around the Campfire

Just a couple of mates sitting down and talking rubbish.

There’s a bit of news, a bit of fun discussion, some trash. This is probably what #WTTGS was started for before we made useful content and couldn’t turn back.


T is hosting a red dot course at Magnum United on the 12th of September.

Hit him up on Facebook or at t@9876.co.za for more information or to book your spot.


Magnum United Shooting Range

  • https://www.magnumunited.com

Magnum is now building practice stages every Wednesday, stop in on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday and get a chance to run the stage multiple ways. Train, experiment, get better.


Join the group here for more information on #WTTGS Drill of the Month.


And again, a huge thank you to Zero Mike Bullets and FlatPack ALPHA for the prizes.


Be sure to contact Garrett or Sasha for a discount for ZM bullets!