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FHR #012: Empower Yourself & Your Health by Raising Your Frequency with Gina Nicole Ballard
Episode 1217th July 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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  • The guest on today's show is Gina Nicola Ballard
  • Gina is an intuitive mentor, feng shui practitioner, certified angel card reader, terra am reiki practitioner and certified intuitive counselor 
  • We learn that all things have a frequency
  • We cover how to move around in life to best raise your own personal frequency


  • Gina’s passion is to witness others empowering themselves by raising their frequency so they can activate their natural abilities
  • Gina guides empaths to ignite their intuition and build heart based businesses 
  • She focuses on her personal holy trinity; mind, body and home
  • A frequency is the rate of movement of something, and everything moves; objects, thoughts, clothes, energy etc
  • The rate and how it moves is the frequency and we need to think about how this affects you
  • Law of vibration comes first, before the law of attraction
  • This is because you’ve got to think about yourself first - the holy trinity and your connection - high frequency is all three.
  • Gina’s three prong approach to working with someone;
  • She starts with working on emotions and affirmations
  • She then focuses on a healthy body and overhauling food and the kitchen 
  • Then she moves to the home and de-clutters to raise the vibration across the whole house. 
  • Remove the low vibration stuff that doesn’t serve you - complaining and low vibration food
  • The higher your vibe the smaller your tribe - drop the people who don’t serve your frequency
  • Fung Shui
  • The first step to a happy home is to de-clutter - everywhere, phone, computer, wallet etc
  • You can find the heart of your home by placing an imaginary ticktacktoe over the map of your house and looking for the central square. 
  • Energy finds you from the front door - treat the heart of your home like you would your actual heart with good air and light, essential oils
  • Each section of the grid is a different part of your life so pay attention to each section, bottom center is career.
  • Also pay attention to the front door - don’t put anything behind it, needs to open fully
  • Check your house address numbers - are they visible - if people can’t find you then energy can’t find you
  • The third area important is the stove which represents prosperity; don’t stand with your back to your kitchen door, or place a reflective surface in front of it.
  • Place your bed in a power position, not in line with the door but can see the door, not under a window or fan.
  • Don’t keep a mattress from an old partner or old relationship as it stops the new energy coming in
  • For better food frequency take the rule that the higher from the ground the higher the frequency.