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The Science Behind Amrit Kalash: Immunity & Vitality
Episode 613th April 2022 • Ayurveda 101 with •
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Join us for a deep dive into the research behind Amrit Kalash—Ayurveda’s super-antioxidant, immunity-boosting daily tonic. Hear what scientists and physicians have to say about this potent formula.

To date, there are 75 different published studies on Amrit Kalash and its many benefits. From the Journal of Applied Nutrition to Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior, there’s a wealth of compelling research suggesting that Amrit can help boost immunity and promote longevity. Want to know more?

Join Shawn Diddy and Sankari Wegman for an in-depth exploration on:

  • Why Amrit has more antioxidant power than Vitamins C or E—and why that’s so important.
  • Other great ways to supercharge your daily diet with natural antioxidants.
  • What exactly are free radicals and what do they have to do with immunity, vitality, and longevity?
  • Mind-body balance as the gateway to wellbeing, and how you can cultivate it through diet, herbs, meditation, and yoga.
  • Why the world of Western medicine is becoming increasingly interested in Ayurveda, and how that will benefit society.