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The year of the Big Girl Pants - 2022 in review
Episode 14912th January 2023 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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Do you have a review of your year? What you did? What worked? What didn’t? What brought you joy? What made you want to howl with rage?

This week on the podcast I’m talking through what happened in my business in 2022.

You’ll find the episode interesting if you’re nosey like me and if you’re looking for a framework to do a review of your own.

I’m sharing a warts and all account including the launch where no-one bought, what happened when I put my big girl pants on, the coaching course that changed my life and what’s new for 2023.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.20 - Intro to what the episode covers and why I'm sharing this.

1.50 - What happened in my business in 2021.

6.27 - Be Bold and how Anna Webb inspired my words for the year for 2022.

7.36 - Why I did the ILM Level 5 course in coaching and mentoring.

10.51 - Launching the Get In the Press course in January and having lower sign ups.

12.49 - Launching the Be Bold Bootcamp.

15.33 - Launching the Get In the Press course in June and no-one buying it.

16.54 - Recouping what I'd missed out by selling Power Hours.

17.44 - Why I decided to take August off.

19.03 - Running a five day challenge and what happened when the Queen died in the middle of it.

21.34 - Coming up with the skeleton outline for the Pets Get Visible mini membership.

24.06 - Launching Pets Get Visible to current clients.

26.44 - Using the period between Christmas and New Year to grow the mini membership by nearly a third!

28.10 - My 2023 offers - coaching, Pets Get Visible and one to one.

34.18 - Why it's ok to talk about failures and the lessons I learned.

36.16 - Looking back at what you've achieved as well as forwards.

32.14 - Adopting a more 'coaching' approach rather than thinking I have to provide the answers all the time.

41.07 - Ways to work with me in 2023 - Book a call. here

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