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Nip Pollen in the Bud
Episode 13rd August 2021 • The Pulse with •
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Nip Pollen in the Bud

20 min.

With Shawn Diddy and Śhankari Wegman 

Love flowers but hate pollen? In the debut episode of our Ayurveda 101 podcast, we’re jumping right into a seasonal, mid-summer topic: pollen. The world is in bloom—and it’s sneezin’ season!

Join Shawn Diddy and Śankari Wegman for an in-depth discussion about the Ayurvedic perspective on seasonal pollen sensitivities. You’ll learn:

  • The source of seasonal sniffles (psst: it’s not actually the pollen itself—it’s your digestion and immunity!).
  • How to use Ayurvedic herbs to fire up your digestion and boost your immunity.
  • How the doshas are involved. In Ayurveda, there are three different mind-body elements, or doshas—airy Vata, fiery Pitta, and earthy Kapha—which govern every aspect of your body’s functioning, from your digestion and assimilation to your thought patterns. We’ll teach you all about the doshas and the role they play in your pollen response.
  • The role of diet: did you know food is medicine in Ayurveda? We’ll give you tips on foods that help to naturally ease discomfort. 




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