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Ep 86: Getting to the Bottom of the Physical Literacy Crisis with Rufus
Episode 8615th August 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you feel you are physically literate and able to move with confidence and competence in your training? On the show this week, I have Lance Goyke and the legendary Rufus Blackbone joining me to discuss the physical literacy crisis we are currently facing. Rufus is a great friend and early mentor of mine who has been working in the athletic coaching profession for 40+ years, so I wanted him to join Lance and I to dive into why humans as a whole are moving worse now than ever before.

 The intended topic for our discussion today was to unpack where we see Olympic lifts fitting into athletic development; however, a huge chunk of the episode is surrounding physical literacy and illiteracy. We can all agree that the main goal for any coach is to find the best tools for the job to build resilient, strong, and powerful athletes. There’s always the argument of whether or not kids are ready for the training that’s exposed to them, and in most cases, basic foundation just isn’t there.  So, dive in with us as Rufus shares his ideal progression and layout for young athletes.

 In this episode, Rufus, Lance and I discuss all things baseline movement competency, risks you face when loading up bad movement patters, general physical preparation, the process problem, mind development in young athletes, and so much more. Be sure to listen in to discover what the physical literacy crisis is and how we can fix it.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • [06:59] Development of an athlete over time
  • [08:12] Ideal progression layouts for young athletes
  • [17:42] Issues with squatting in high level athletes
  • [20:13] General physical preparation (GPP)
  • [24:05] Mind development in young athletes
  • [37:05] The importance of training exposure
  • [45:32] Understanding what's in your training toolbox
  • [53:02] The process problem
  • [56:05] Developing physical literacy later on in life
  • [58:47] Movement differences in wide range of exposure versus narrow range of exposure at a young age
  • [59:58] Using lower conditioning days for GPP circuits


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