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Episode 327 – Massaging the Podiant Move
Episode 3275th July 2021 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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1:00) Have you ever had a professional massage? The brothers have and they share their experiences on the massage table. What are the therapeutic effects and why should you go and support professional licensed Massage Therapists? Massage is so much more than a physical fine tuning. (20:04) And what about Reiki? Just how is your body’s energy tied into your physical health? (25:30) And taking it another step further, we talk DDP Yoga.

(28:08) And as far off on the tangent as we get, we tie all this into a dream and get an update on the book series SeanGeek is working on and how this all ties into it.

(33:40) They boys cover the elephant in the room: the sale of the Podiant Podcast Platform to Castos. Many of our group of local podcasters were with Podiant and it has spawned massive debate. The sale accompanied by a system hiccup at the 11th hour created a lot of talk. Just what were we talking about and what are our real feelings on the matter? This is honest conversation about the impact and effect of such a sale on a group of hardcore independent creators can have.

You can read the press release here:

(51:48) Just who does listen to our show? And just who is listening in Niverville?

(1:07:12) Once upon a time, SeanGeek was a rookie pining for a spot on the Rum Powered Review show in YouTube. We showcase that test video he made, reviewing Kraken Rum. We talk about the show, how times changed and why the show is not on anymore.

(1:12:48) What were you favourite spots on the ALF TV show. And just how horrible a Gordon Shumway can we get away with?

(1:16:16) Xbox Game Pass has unleased the Conan Exiles game and it is glorious! And speaking of the cannibals in Conan, (1:20:51) we also talk about the cannibals in State of Decay 2.

Deep Roots Massage Therapy:
Meagan Jonsson’s Willow Tree:

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