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Resurrections (2018–2020)
Episode 422nd February 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Dig into the making of the 2018 album ‘Careful in the Future’ and a return to the stage for the first time in more than a decade. The genesis of a movie. The edge of great transformations. Clips from the recording sessions and live cuts.

If you dig this, find my music at Bandcamp.

The following songs and sources are included in this episode:

  1. Clip: 7 o'clock cheer, NYC (2020)
  2. Careful in the Future (Scratch track 2018)
  3. Careful in the Future ('Careful in the Future' 2018)
  4. Whirlpool ('Careful in the Future' 2018)
  5. Rabbit, Run ('Careful in the Future' 2018)
  6. White Leather ('Future : Live' 2019)
  7. Transmission ('Future : Live' 2019)
  8. Go First ('Future : Live' 2019)



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