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You’re Not Here To Be Happy (HOS78)
Episode 7810th November 2023 • The Heart of Soul • Josef Shapiro
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You’re not here to be happy, that’s why it seems so elusive. The sooner you give up on its pursuit, paradoxically the more fulfilled you’ll be. This is the realization we explore today. We begin by exploring free will with an incisive explanation as to why so many neuroscientists argue that it doesn’t exist these days. If you haven’t watched us on Youtube yet, this is a great opportunity to see the piece of lettuce stuck in my teeth the entire time. And on the subject of foibles, I am aware that my audio/video sync drifts toward the end of the episode. I had to use a backup mic while some equipment was in the shop. So you’re not losing your grip on reality if you experience that. Or you are, and it’s also out of sync. Both can be true.

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