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Chapter 145. Sedentary is just another word for slumped.
Episode 14513th February 2023 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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The scene takes place in the kitchen of a traditional country cottage. A door at the front of the room opens into an entrance porch, and the back door opens to a garden with more than adequate quantities of lavender. There is a table and chairs, a Cappuccino maker and the the front window overlooks a village green. There is evidence of cricket, but no match is currently taking place.

(sound of a front door bell being rung)

h: Who the bloody hell is that?

(incidental music wafts across the scene)

Ant: Morning h

h: Ah Anthony, how are we?

Ant: I'm really well, how are you?

h: Come on in...

Ant: I will do thank you.

(the incidental music gets a little more present, but quickly backs off again)

h: Did that sound staged?

Ant: Just a little, but it'll be fine.

h: It'll be fine, yes.

A short pause

Ant: I'm going to embrace the whole lounge pant thing next time, I'm going to put my University of New Hampshire lounge pants on.

h: You should indeed

The dialogue fades away to a pre-recorded VoiceOver and the scene is set for another chapter of TCD (sorry Lucy)

Love'n'mysteries solved


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