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Beyond the Pursuit of Happiness: A Dopamine-Driven Exploration of Fulfillment, Purpose, and The Meaning of Life
Episode 231st January 2023 • THE AMPLIFII PODCAST • René Rodriguez
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In this podcast, we will challenge the common belief that happiness is the ultimate goal in life. We will explore the idea that fulfillment and purpose go beyond the pursuit of happiness, and delve into the science of dopamine and how it plays a role in finding fulfillment. Rene shares personal stories and insights on how he has found fulfillment and purpose in life. Join us as we explore the true meaning and purpose of life.

”When the flood comes, I want to be the one that built the ark.”

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Show Highlights:

01:14 - Is it really the pursuit of “happiness”

02:27 - We were wrong about dopamine

04:30 - Examples of Dopamine Sources

06:55 - The Downside of Pursuit of Dopamine

11:00 - It’s more than the goal, it’s how we REACH the goal

12:08 - The Power of Suffering

14:14 - What IS suffering

15:40 - “When the flood comes, I want to be the one that built the ark”

18:55 - We experience joy in setting and making progress towards a goal, NOT in achievement

20:10 - Why SHOULDN’T happiness be your goal?

23:50 - Who I am + What I Do = Purpose

25:05 - Happiness and Fulfillment are related, but happiness isn’t always fulfilling

26:45 - People Aren’t Remembered for their “why”

31:30 - Reframing suffering and service

33:45 -

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