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SETI - Introduction, Prologue, & Chapter 1
9th February 2021 • InfoBotts • Frederick Fichman
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With this episode we begin to present the first chapter of eight chapters that will be uploaded to Infobotts from author and host of this podcast, Frederick Fichman. This science fiction audiobook is titled "SETI." The title is the acronym for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

The audiobook will be read by the author for this science fiction novel, Frederick Fichman.

The following 7 episodes of Infobotts will be uploaded with Chapters 2-8. The Print and Kindle format for "SETI" can be found on Amazon. Use the search term Frederick Fichman to see all books written by the author and available on Amazon, including "SETI." Or, you can go to the website,, to see the book covers containing links that will take you directly to the Amazon sales pages for those books, including "SETI."