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Wellness Travel: Why Traveling for Comprehensive Medical Care May be a Great Option to Explore
Episode 9531st May 2022 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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Hello! In Today's Episode I share my recent experience with Turkey's Comprehensive Head-to-toe Health Check up.

Turkey is known as a medical destination country, and based on my experience I can understand why. Besides some of the best doctors in the world and state of the art medical centers, the service is five stars. 

First of all, when you go to get your annual check up, you have everything you could possibly think of done all in one day!  including receiving every single test result back before you leave. From liver to kidney, thyroid you name it. In fact they do routine screenings for things that in the US and other countries you have to jump through hoops to get, and then pray that your insurance will cover it or at least part of it.

Here is what the day is like:

8:30. Check-in with English speaking concierge

8:35 Meet with Doctor : Complete health history. Concerns 

8:50 Blood pressure, blood work, urine, stool samples

9:10 comprehensive Radiology: chest X-ray 

9:20 echocardiogram of heart

9:30 mammogram 

9:45 Ultrasound of thyroid abdomen breast

10:15 Breakfast ( included...yum)

11:00 Dietician functional medicine consult + weight BMI etc

11:30 Pulmonologist to discuss health /chest X-ray results 

12:00 Cardiologist to discuss cholesterol + echocardiogram results additional sonogram 

12:30 Dental panoramic x-ray + meet with dentist for check up. 

1:15 Tea break/ snack ...yay!

1:45 Gyno: health history Pap smear + ultrasound sonogram 

2:15  Meet with main doctor again for comprehensive appointment to discus blood work and all test results. 

3:00 Finished!

*I will share that he said my cholesterol is the best he has ever seen ha ha, Perks of being vegan 

All this for less than a spa day!

Wellness Travel is big business, and I’m incredibly impressed with the premium level of care, communication and compassion in Turkey. Let alone the fact that EVERYTHING you could need is done in 1 day! Turkey is also known to be one of the best places in the world for cosmentic dental work as well as hair restoration, never mind you get to experience the culture and history while you are here.

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I also Mention:

  • Update on my hypnotherapy session results with last week's guest, Dechen Farrow
  • Why you should listen to Cain Kerner for motivation
  • My personal health results
  • My favorite Non-alcoholic wine (Link Below)+ My alcohol relationship update
  • This show will be every other week for the summer xx

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