#107 A Manager’s Guide for How to Be with Transformation in High Pressure Organizations with Elodie Loing
Episode 10717th May 2021 • MeetMyPotential • Deepa Natarajan
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Have you ever been a part of a transformation project? Or an organization who was looking to make scalable, rapid change? Being a part of these times in an organization can be stressful and intense. Many times employees are nervous about entering a transformation project due to all of the unknowns. 

Today Deepa is speaking with Elodie Loing about transformation in critical situations within organizations. Elodie shares her real life experiences with scaling organizations and creating change within teams. Elodie’s approach is about empathy, letting go and collective responsibility. This episode is for any one who may be experiencing a critical time in their organization, but especially for executives and managers. 

Key Points from this Episode:

  • Many times change agents are called into a project and organizations are called in too late. 
  • Critical times happen when there is high pressure and stress within an organization. It is generally systemic and performance is low.
  • Being a mediator is different from being an operational manager. 
  • Empathy is enriching and humbling because you are looking at the situation from another person’s perspective. 
  • Being unattached - the ability to do the best you can and let go of what the future holds or what the outcome actually is.
  • There is an opportunity to grow in every situation.
  • Promote diversity in your teams. Hire those who have different opinions from yours and let them talk.
  • Here’s an easy way to practice stillness - make an appointment with yourself, put it in your calendar! 
  • The hardest part of a reset is your ego and your rational brain. Watch out for those!
  • Co-creation allows you to let go of your own ideas and let others in to help you. Give your teams the benefit of working with you.
  • Collective responsibility comes from within each person. 
  • Accept yourself - the strengths you have, the weaknesses you have, every part of you. And realize you will make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

We hope you enjoyed this episode! Elodie gave so much wisdom. Let us know in the comments, have you been a part of a transformation project? Was it during a critical time? What was the most memorable part? Was it stressful or fun? :)

About Elodie

Elodie Loing has 25 years’ experience in retail organizations including The Disney Store, Le Cèdre Rouge, The Nuance Group, Fashion History, Jean Paul Gaultier and Manutan. Elodie scales up and turnarounds organizations (in France and Internationally). She implements conflict wise dynamics which lead to improved team spirit and accelerated performance. Elodie is a National Mediator at French Ministry of Economy and Judicial mediator at the Paris Court of Appeals. She is also a Lecturer and Independent board member. Elodie is convinced that conflict-wise organizations are wiser and more competitive on their market!