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Navigating Digital Privacy in Healthcare: Understanding Web Tracking and HIPAA Concerns
Episode 263rd January 2024 • Krieg DeVault Podcast Series • Krieg DeVault
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In the digital age, where information is constantly being generated, the concepts of privacy are rapidly evolving, especially in the healthcare sector. This transformation has significant implications for both healthcare providers and patients.

In this episode of the Krieg DeVault Podcast Series, Krieg DeVault attorney, George Lepeniotis speaks with colleague and healthcare regulatory attorney, Chris Kulik, about the timely and controversial topic of web tracking and information-gathering technologies, such as Google Analytics and Metapixel, how those technologies apply to healthcare organizations, and the associated HIPAA concerns.

Tune in as George and Chris explore the intricate world of internet cookies and their usage, the delicate balance between safeguarding personal information and facilitating the free flow of data for healthcare improvement, and the insights every healthcare provider must possess to effectively navigate the increasingly complex landscape of privacy regulations.

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