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Love In Your Life - Dolah Saleh EPISODE 71, 8th December 2020
Why You Were Born
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Why You Were Born

Mark Twain said "The two most important days in your life is the day you were born and the day you find out why."

You came here for a purpose. It's your job to discover that purpose. When we listened to last week's show with our passionate teacher you had to have heard the joy she expressed in doing work that fulfills her. She said that being a teacher "lit up her soul."

I have often said that we are each one of three types: The one who knows for sure what they are meant to do at an early age, the one who begins down a particular road and somehow "falls into" work that they love, and the one who never quite feels at home with what they do for a living.

Those in this third category are no different than those in the first two, in terms of having a distinct purpose. One might ask why they are a member of this third group? How did they come to choose this rather unfulfilling path? Are they doomed or can they still figure it out for themselves, no matter how old they are nor how long they have been working disconnected from their heart's calling?

What is blocking their ability to hear and see what is in their hearts?

Here's the thing: Heart messages are only revealed once we are open and willing to accept what is for us. Meaning, it's not that there is no such message for you; it's that you aren't hearing or seeing it.