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62. Shannon McKinstrie on: "Social Media Management" is Dead
Episode 622nd February 2024 • Social Media Manager Confidential • Shanté Gorman, Mentor for Social Media Managers
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Social media management is dead. Yep, that’s what we said. To unpack this statement, I’ve brought back my first-ever podcast guest, Shannon McKinstrie, who is a fellow social media manager and long-time friend. 

Shannon is a social media mentor & strategist on a mission to eliminate the neverending content-creation guesswork and overwhelm so business owners can actually enjoy promoting their business and engaging with their audience on social platforms without burning out.

While the concept of social media management isn't exactly 'dead,' it's definitely undergone significant changes in the past three years. In this episode, we'll explore what these changes mean for you and how to adapt to stay ahead in the game. Let’s dive in! 

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