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Ep 69: Upping Your Calories and Improving Your Relationship with Food with Sinan Ozyemisci
Episode 6918th April 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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On the show today I have Sinan Ozyemisci, a Nutrition Coach for Stronger U and experienced Nutritionist with a history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Sinan is currently enrolled in Penn State University’s MPS Program for Nutrition and Dietetics and plans to have his certification in May of 2021. Sinan spent 10 years of his life overseas in Istanbul, Turkey where he was exposed to Mediterranean food and culture, which was a huge factor in his decision to become a Nutrition Coach.

A main focus of our conversation today is on the importance of having a nutrition coach in order to implement and execute accountability; we also dive deep into all things improving your relationship with food, understanding the difference between a deficit and a depletion and strategies to bumping up your client’s calories in a healthy and smart way. We then spend some time discussing getting away from the idea of instant gratification and how social media can play a role in creating result fallacies.

Listen in as Sinan walks us through his first steps in onboarding a nutrition client and how understanding his or her current relationship with food and approach to nutrition is key. Sinan also shares his belief that nutrition is essentially 20% nutrition and 80% psychology and how having nutrition knowledge and education will be a driving factor to your overall health and success.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:35] An introduction to Sinan Ozyemisci  
  • [07:41] Understanding accountability and quality
  • [11:13] Onboarding a new nutrition client
  • [17:00] Understanding the difference between a deficit and a depletion
  • [19:30] Strategies to bumping up your clients’ calories
  • [31:40] Getting away from the idea of instant gratification
  • [36.36] Implementing and executing accountability 
  • [42:28] Final takeaways with Sinan
  • [43.38] Where to find Sinan


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